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Polagra Tech 2018

POLAGRA TECH is an event addressed to representatives of the food manufacturers’ industry. During the fair, machinery and equipment is presented owing to which professionals of the industry will be able to introduce solutions generating business benefits in their companies. It is also an ideal place to present food components and additives. During POLAGRA TECH it will be possible to get acquainted with the latest solutions allowing to pamper taste buds and aesthetic impressions of contemporary consumers.

Within POLAGRA TECH fair, two exhibitions will take place. The first of them, the BAKERY AND CONFECTIONARY TECHNOLOGIES EXHIBITION, will start already on Sunday, 30 September – as the Baker and Confectioner’s Day. The specialised solutions presented during this day will be supplemented by the offer of exhibitors of the FOOD TECHNOLOGIES EXHIBITION, to start a day later, on 1 October. Both events will last until 4 October.

Due to the fact that particular emphasis this year will be placed on specialised technological solutions used in the bakery and confectionery industries, the fair will be accompanied by events particularly attractive for representatives of related sectors. First of all, they will include unique practical conferences and seminars as well as inspiring show areas.

Attractive accompanying events

During this year’s fair, the next edition of extremely popular Open Championships of Poland in Yeast Cake Making with One Hand will take place. This event attracts a wide audience. It was specially created for bakers and confectioners who can boast of extraordinary abilities and workshop skills. Participants who had the opportunity to take part in the competition so far, surprised spectators and the jury with unbelievable results - the best of them were able to make 10 yeast cakes in the time shorter than 1 minute. As they proved on many occasions, the technique is of utmost importance - some competitors train long months before the Championships.

Traditionally, the Bakery and Confectionery Forum will also take place during the fair, where experts of the industry will share practical knowledge and skills useful in daily work.

This is only a part of the attractions prepared by organisers and exhibitors. They make the great power of POLAGRA TECH fair which is not only the opportunity to present their offer to professional visitors but also provides a lot of unforgettable emotions which may shape positive business relations both with newly acquired customers and with permanent co-workers.

Expert knowledge supporting traditional activities

The additional advantage of POLAGRA TECH fair is the organization of training activities and conferences during which professionals of the industry may develop their knowledge in order to enhance interest in their products among consumers.

This year’s events will include, among others, the workshop during which marketing experts will present the most interesting promotional trends adjusted to business needs of bakers and confectioners.

Within the framework of POLAGRA TECH as the biggest business training, the training course on the GDPR and changes related to the new legislation applicable in the bakery and confectionery industry will be also organised.

The BAKERY AND CONFECTIONARY TECHNOLOGIES EXHIBITION takes place within POLAGRA TECH Fair on the premises of Poznań International Fair on a biannual basis. This year’s edition will be held from 30 September to 4 October 2018. For professionals of the bakery and confectionery industry, it is a unique opportunity to present their latest solutions and products. The opportunity which is certainly worth using.

Apart from the BAKERY AND CONFECTIONARY TECHNOLOGIES EXHIBITION, on 1 October, the FOOD TECHNOLOGIES EXHIBITION will start within Polagra Tech fair. At the same time, fairs on complementary subjects will be held simultaneously: Taropak, Polimer Tech, 4 Print Week, Polagra Gastro, Invest Hotel and Tastes of the Regions.  One thing is certain: in autumn this year, no business attractions will be missing on the premises of Poznań International Fair.



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